437 Productions

Live music

Our goal is to create an amazing atmosphere to listen to live music. No one should feel excluded because you are guaranteed to hear something you like and have a blast. We have a team dedicated to gathering information and ideas that make each event better and better. We also only feature young local DJs so expect to see your friends up on stage having the time of their life while you dance till you drop.

music production

We know we are not going to win Grammy's and that is not what we are trying to do. We make songs we like to listen to and most of them do not leave the studio unless we perform them live. Anybody can make music and we want to give them that chance. By creating a no pressure jam session, anyone can mess around with instruments or equipment to make unique sounds and beats. 


Video production

We are just starting out in this and do not have much to show for it except for some horrible edits. A small show and a few small series are under production and will get moved along once we get some more finances. This is basically a way to document what we are working on and fool around. This is taken the least serious, not that anything we do is very serious, but we work hard and a lot of people are able to have fun because of it.

(DJ Ross and Dirty Emmett at UNH 2014)

(DJ Ross and Dirty Emmett at UNH 2014)