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New England Buzzworthy Tour 2016-2017

I do not get the chance to play outside of Vermont very often, but thanks to some good luck and hard work ill finally be hitting the road! My friend and fellow CoolTable Gang member Charlie (Chyse) Atkins has been instrumental in getting me here and his manager is putting it all together.

So far this is the schedule for the shows

  • December 15th 2016 - Maine
  • December 16th 2016 - New Hampshire
  • December 17th 2016 - Massachusetts
  • January 12th 2017 - Vermont (HEADLINING THE HOME TOWN SHOW!!)
  • January 13th 2017 - Connecticut
  • January 14th 2017 - Rhode Island  
  • January 21st 2017 - ITHACY, NY GRANDE FINALE SHOW

I am not sure what the venues will be yet or what exactly the plan is, but I'm going to stat flexible and try and get to as many shows as I can. There are a bunch of artists from Vermont that will be participating including Chyse and a bunch of other CoolTable members. 

Other than the tour have been crazy and I am still running around to random gigs and trying to get things straightened up on the website and my online presence. This comes up a lot but my GoPro has finally made it to the apartment so videos will be on their way shortly. No longer will I have to fiddle around with other peoples cameras. The settings on my camera are PERFECT no matter what anyone says and I have become too used to that being the only quality I edit. Get ready for even more posts on YouTube and hopefully a Vimeo page soon and check out the facebook link below for more up to date information! 


Youtube and other exciting news!

I have been really busy with gigs recently. I have had a wedding or private event almost every weekend for the past two months and I successfully pulled off a big Halloween Concert. This was my first time being this involved in the entertainment scene. It took me about two months just to book the date then a another month to organize acts and only two weeks to promote and sell tickets. The show didn't go exactly as planned, but the next concert we throw will be even better!

On the other hand I recently started posting videos on YouTube for fun and haven't really pushed my page or anything, but I'm already up to 250 total views. The first video I posted is over 180 views and the others are starting to catch up. I'm hoping to get some better production and video tools so that I can make some real edits, but things are going very well with almost no effort. Hopefully I catch the eye of someone who has the equipment, knowledge, and time who would be willing to help.

Quick Survey: Awesome Back to School Concert in Burlington, VT

I have this crazy idea for a back to school concert thats cheap and should be a great way to party before classes and everything get hectic. My plan would be to have one ticket that got you into several pre concert events around burlington then you would get rides to the concert. After the concert everyone who bought a ride ticket would go back to one large after party. you gain admission with your ride ticket or you can just go home after getting the lift downtown. Hopefully this idea gets enough popularity that we can pull it off at an awesome venue and really go all out for the after party. I would also like to reduce the cost, but I can only do that with support.



If you could copy and send this link to any friends wou might be interested that would be awesome!