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Youtube and other exciting news!

I have been really busy with gigs recently. I have had a wedding or private event almost every weekend for the past two months and I successfully pulled off a big Halloween Concert. This was my first time being this involved in the entertainment scene. It took me about two months just to book the date then a another month to organize acts and only two weeks to promote and sell tickets. The show didn't go exactly as planned, but the next concert we throw will be even better!

On the other hand I recently started posting videos on YouTube for fun and haven't really pushed my page or anything, but I'm already up to 250 total views. The first video I posted is over 180 views and the others are starting to catch up. I'm hoping to get some better production and video tools so that I can make some real edits, but things are going very well with almost no effort. Hopefully I catch the eye of someone who has the equipment, knowledge, and time who would be willing to help.